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about me

Bautista (they/them) is a moving-image artist and art director who focuses on all things digital culture. Born in Venezuela to Argentinian parents, but has lived in Austria, Italy, the US, and England. This collision of cultures and languages is what led them to the digital, exploring brand identities and artistic concepts in the borderless cyber-space that knows no geography.

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Bautista has experience in both formal creative agencies as well as the more unconventional routes; assistant directing 360 degree VR films, creating installations and immersive experiences, and working as a freelance creative for queer-led initiatives. This blend of an office-based discipline and an 'out-there' imagination can be accredited to their performance art background (having graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a degree in Contemporary Performance Practices and Video Art). This distinguishes their digital work as it is anchored in a  ‘liveness’ which yearns for all things experiential.  Using their BA to merge this unique affinity for the online with performance spaces, live events, and offline activations.

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