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"DIE" is a music video for Atlanta-based artist KUNTFETISH. I started by conceptualizing the green studio set, and making the deliberate choice to refrain from using the 'green-screen' effect as a way of breaking the fourth wall; breaking the illusion of digital spaces. Seeing it for what it is, with a lack of technological manipulations.


The entire video plays with the idea of a nostalgic 2000's internet: with meme templates, 'Word-Art', and the iconic Windows XP desktop background. Serving both as a mockery of and love letter to the innocent cyber golden age. In contrast to what it's become today; a vessel for the commodification, consumption, and profit of anything and everything. VHS tapes of Atlanta in the 80's are used throughout to harken back on this nostalgia, and comment on the ways society has accelerated into an ecommerce-obsessed market in the age of Onlyfans, NFTs, and more.

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